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Auto Accidents

Car accidents are likely in the top three things that could happen to just about anyone in modern society and which have the power to significantly change lives, usually not for the better. This is because not only do car accidents obviously damage a person’s means for transportation, which is a critical resource in a car-based society (i.e. getting to work, school, traveling and more), accidents can also cause serious and long-lasting injuries such as neck problems and broken bones.

While auto accidents are common, society and life still expect people to get back up on their feet and get back to normal. That can be extremely hard when a person is laid up in a hospital and their car is totaled through no fault of their own. This is why it is so critical to have good legal representation. Not only can costs be recovered for repairing one’s car, medical expenses and loss of income as well as pain and suffering can also be addressed as well. Long-term rehabilitation can be included in representation to make sure that those expenses are covered as well. Most people have health insurance but you quickly find that in a serious matter a policy usually doesn’t cover a good portion of medical costs. These too can be addressed in a legal recovery because they become out-of-pocket expenses caused by the accident.

Unfortunately, the worst thing a person can do is try to sort out a settlement on their own. In many cases, auto insurance companies work quickly to resolve accidents with low settlements, offering quick cash payments right away. While these may seen attractive at first, they are often a small percentage of the true costs an accident victim may have when recovery is complete. Again, good representation can make these settlements reflect the true cost of a person’s recovery versus just what a coverage can get to close the matter quickly.

If you or someone you know is in a car accident and needs representation from a Virginia Beach auto accidents attorney, contacting the Favaloro Law Offices could be a very smart decision towards recovering quickly. Mark Favaloro has a significant amount of experience under his belt taking on and representing clients in auto accidents and ensuring they have the ability to recover properly from injuries and damage that were unexpected and could otherwise be life-changing. With a strong familiarity with the local trial court system, Attorney Favaloro can guide a case quickly into the system and ensure a proper response from responsible parties for an accident victim’s recovery. Give his office a call today for more information.

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