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We are proud of the below results, representing cases in which our attorneys have served as plaintiff’s counsel.   However, these financial recoveries are specific to each particular case, and are not a direct predictor of future results.

Medical Malpractice –  $1.8 million Settlement.  Failed partial laparoscopic cholecystectomy, resulting in infection, and loss off all fingers and toes.  Case settled prior to filing suit.

Automobile Accident –  $950,000 Settlement.  Minor passenger was severely injured in head on collision, requiring spinal fusion and metal rod stabilization.  Case settled prior  to filing suit.

Medical Malpractice -$750,000 Settlement.  Bowel perforation occurred during hysterectomy.

Medical Malpractice -$725,000 Settlement. Plaintiff suffered bilateral injuries to her uterus,   occurring during hysterectomy.

Medical Malpractice – $652,000 Jury Verdict. Bowel perforation occurred during laparoscopic hysterectomy.

Medical Malpractice$350,000 Settlement. Retained sponge required surgical removal.

Medical Malpractice$310,000 Settlement.  Complications arose after pituitary dysfunction went undiagnosed.

Medical Malpractice$300,000 Settlement. Ureter damaged during hysterectomy.

Eminent Domain – $190,000 Jury Verdict.  Property Owner successfully challenged Municipality for taking of property for use as public park.

Automobile Accident – $170,000 Settlement.  Driver was rear ended, resulting in back surgery.

Slip and Fall- $140,000.  SettlementApartment Building Resident stepped in a hole on lawn, injuring ankle.

Medical Malpractice -$100,000. Settlement. Complications encountered during laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Automobile Accident – $100,000 Settlement.  Elderly driver was rear ended, resulting in medical complications.

Nursing Home Injury$85,000 Settlement.  Elderly resident undid strap on bed, exited, fell and broke his hip.

Automobile Accident$78,000 Settlement.  Plaintiff sustained lower back injuries, defendant admits she was distracted, may have run red light.

Automobile Accident – $68,000 settlement. Plaintiff was hit in intersection after distracted driver failed to yield, suffering lingering injuries.

Automobile Accident – $48,000 settlement. Plaintiff was rear ended in intersection.

Automobile Accident$25,000 JudgmentElderly Plaintiff suffered leg injuries when motorist ran a red light.

Automobile Accident$25,000 JudgmentPlaintiff had lingering back injuries when motorist ran a red light.

Personal InjuryConfidential Settlement on amount. Competitor suffered broken ankle while on obstacle course.

Medical MalpracticeConfidential Settlement on amount. Plaintiff suffered damages when dentist over-prepared teeth.

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