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Environmental Law

More and more people are suffering injuries caused by problems in the environment. Spills of gas and oil and other chemicals seep into the ground and pollute waterways. They get into the soil and cause damages to crops. These contaminants ruin property and cause illness and other injuries to people.

Other problems occur when mold is allowed to accumulate in your home and your landlord does not repair the problem. In some cases, the problem was there before people moved into their home and the previous owner or real estate agent failed to disclose it.

Negligent use of pesticides used to kill bugs also damage crops and cause illnesses. This can stem from inhaling them, getting them on your skin or ingesting them. Sometimes, the harmful effect of the pesticides is immediately discernible. At other times, it is not discovered until years later.

Even the air can be toxic if it contains disease-causing pollutants like asbestos, mold or chemicals. Toxic air may be found inside any building whether residential or commercial.

If you have suffered damage to your property or illness as a result of a problem in the environment, you need to call the Favaloro Law Offices who can help you file a claim.

Call a Virginia Beach environmental law attorney

Mark Favaloro, founder of Favaloro Law Offices, has 32 years of experience pursing claims on behalf of injured people. He has expertise as well as compassion. He is a vigorous advocate and will do everything legally and ethically possible to maximize the financial recovery of his clients and he does it in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible.

In cases involving negligent breaches of environmental law resulting in personal injury, there is often a question of whether to file the lawsuit in state or federal court. Attorney Favaloro is admitted to practice in all the relevant state and federal courts and has conducted trials in all of them. He is always accessible to his clients and will give you the personal attention you deserve.

At the Favaloro Law Offices, we believe the client always comes first and will always act in your best interest. If it is in your best interest to negotiate a settlement, we work diligently to obtain for you the best possible financial arrangement. If going to trial is the best option for you, we put our heart and soul in obtaining for you the best possible outcome.

Mark has the ability to respond to the insurance companies who are committed to defeat your claim. He assembles the best team of professionals, including medical experts, to prove your case.

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