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There are very few people who want to get into a lawsuit against someone else or a company. However, lawsuits occur because people can’t agree. And when something is fundamentally wrong to one party the court system is a method in our modern society by which people can resolve their differences when they can’t do so by mutual agreement.

Unfortunately, just filing a lawsuit doesn’t mean that those who should be provided a recovery will automatically get one. Anyone can hire a lawyer to defend from a lawsuit as well. So if a civil action, otherwise known as a tort, doesn’t start with good representation in the first place, the case could go down the drain very quickly. A good lawyer doesn’t just argue a case. He or she carries it through the court system where the procedural rules are just as important as the case issue itself. A mistake in either area can cost the case entirely and get it thrown out of the court. So hiring someone who has the right experience and knowledge to avoid this kind of problem is key.

Additionally, a good tort attorney will evaluate a client’s case at the very start and will 6be honest about what the chances are of making a successful argument. While it may not be exactly what a client wants to hear at that exact moment, good attorneys will lay out all the alternatives available for a client versus just filing a case. It may be, in some cases, an actual lawsuit doesn’t need to be filed in the first place. A solution may be reached by simply having an objective conversation through an attorney with the other party versus an emotional one. It’s often the case that lawsuits are the last thing people want to get involved in, but emotion can cloud logical judgment. Again, good attorneys do far more than sue people and companies; they solve problems that seem to be unsolvable.

For those who need a Virginia Beach torts attorney, the Favaloro Law Offices are a key resource available for folks in need. Mark Favaloro has a great amount of a experience working local civil courts and representing client interests successfully, resolving differences that would otherwise seem unfair or wrong.  He can litigate as well as mitigate problems that don’t seem to be solvable in person. With years of experience working out legal issues, a party’s interest is well served with the Favaloro Law Offices on their side.

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